I have a new toy!  I got a Silhouette Cameo, and I’m pretty excited about it. I love my Cricuts, but I want to branch out a bit. I have been buying carts since the Cricut was released in 2006 and the artwork is starting to get very repetitive. With the Cameo, I have access to an entirely different catalog of artwork. Best of all, I can also cut all my fonts and dingbats, cut any SVG files and design my own artwork.

So far I am very impressed.  Cutting my own fonts is very easy and with the offset feature, I can create a perfect shadow for any font or object.  There is a lot of great artwork available through the Silhouette store and it’s very inexpensive.  Most designs are $.99, but I bought a subscription to lower the prices.  I pay $12.50 every month for $50 worth of downloads.

The software that comes with the machine is pretty powerful but seems simple to learn.   I have only done basic operations like resizing, welding, and creating shadows but I can already say this software is far superior to anything that has been released by Cricut.

I cut a few of my favorite free fonts with shadows as an example. I am especially excited about this machine because I have many free Disney fonts that will look great on my Disney pages.

Coming up next, St. Patrick’s Day treats for school…..